Tell a compelling story

Tell a compelling story with consistent illustrations

Telling a compelling story is easy when you use consistent characters and scenes throughout your eLearning project. Our illustrations are specifically designed for Adobe Captivate, Techsmith Camtasia, and Articulate Storyline projects and allow you to save time and money, during project creation.

Characters in hundreds of poses to choose from

Our characters come in hundreds of poses and have the same style as our scenes and props for easy integration. You can also request custom illustrations of specific products, people or locations, and receive them the same day.

Custom illustrations designed for you

Designed for Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Camtasia

Our characters, Scenes and Props are designed specifically for eLearning and have transparent background, consistent sizing, and similar design style. Mixing and matching characters, scenes, and props are a natural integration.

Custom Illustrations

Depending on your membership, you can request unlimited custom illustrations, or request three per month. Either way you will receive them within 48 hours.

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