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Our staff of professional voice artists, you receive professional quality voice narration as early as the next day.

We record audio voiceovers, narrations or character voices for your eLearning courses, character roles, and presentations, within as little as 24 hours. Our voice talent experts are professional voice artists and actors, with years of training and experience, recording voice narration and character voices, in our state-of-the-art studio. We record eLearning material, scenarios, character dialogs as well as audio for basic training presentations and marketing audio.

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Voiceovers for eLearning narration, and marketing material

For eLearning projects that have multiple characters and scenes, having custom character voices for your eLearning modules ensure that your training modules are successful.

The art of voice narration

We believe that eLearning and character voices should be real, believable, and performed by voice actors who understand the content and the voice artists role in it.
Our voice actors know how to emphasize the normal attitude and characteristic of the character, and are able to explore different placements, attitudes and emotions.

Voices created in a sustainable and duplicable way

Our consistent voices ensure that you can insert voice updates to your eLearning material with a consistent narrator or voice dialog. We maintain your audio requests for easy voice inserts and modifications, so you can easily maintain your eLearning projects.

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